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Repurposed Monogram Bee Dog Harness.

Repurposed Monogram Bee Dog Harness.

Repurposed Monogram Bee Dog Harness

  • $149.99
  • Brand: Bark N Boujee
  • Product Code:Gucci Repurposed Monogram Bee Dog Harness
  • Availability:Out Of Stock

Repurposed Monogram Bee Dog Harness.Features extra strength Velcro straps at neck and girth wit..

Repurposed Monogram Bee Dog Harness.

Features extra strength Velcro straps at neck and girth with a Rhinestone D-ring.

All of Bark N Boujee designs are handcrafted to order. I design for small dog breeds ranging in size from a 10″ girth to a 22″ girth.  Please check your pets measurements to make sure the item will fit before ordering. If you need any assistance, please contact us. No returns/exchanges. Please allow 5 – 15 days prior to shipping.

Washing instructions:

- Do not use the washing machine.

- Gentle Hand Wash with cold water.

- Do not use Bleach.

- Rinse lightly with softener, lay flat to air dry.

- *Silk garments are Dry Clean Only!

Disclosures Gucci products The repurposed Gucci items are up cycled products made from legally purchased or donated used Gucci products. BarkNBoujee® does not sell new Gucci products. The condition of the Louis Vuitton product used in this up cycled product does not reflect the condition of the Gucci product as it was originally sold. BarkNBoujee® is not associated with Gucci, Guccio Gucci, Kering, or any other entity associated with such companies. This product has not been endorsed by Gucci and does not fall under any warranty by Gucci. The purchaser of the up cycled product understands and acknowledges that the product is not a Gucci product.

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