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 About BarkNBoujee

Meet the Atlanta based designer behind the exquisite designs of BarkNBoujee.

From a professional background in Graphic Arts, to the creative world of Canine Couture Fashion, Barbara Merrifield isn’t your typical designer. The world of canine fashion was born from an almost maniacal obsession to outfit her furbaby Zoey in functional yet fashion forward harnesses.

“I couldn’t find anything that fit my style. I had no background in fashion design other than watching my mom sew, but I decided to give it a go. I made cute harnesses for Zoey then dresses with the aid of YouTube tutorials. I think my professional background in Graphic Arts, gave me a keen analytical eye for
fashion and the artistic capabilities to handcraft luxury couture, plus I’m a fast learner.” Barbara says.

In 2016 Barbara Launched her brand “BarkNBoujee® “, a year later “Barbara” was already making waves in a notoriously difficult industry. As well as exhibiting her award winning designs at competition pet fashion shows around the nation.

BarkNBoujee® designs are described as “A style that expresses a new form of timeless elegance”, presenting itself as a Luxury Canine Couture Fashion Brand, based on superior sartorial workmanship and creativity. Our designs deliver an element of luxury and represents the pinnacle of the canine couture industry. We pride ourselves in being unique and fashion forward. Our customers rave about our quality, craftsmanship, attention to detail and customer service.

Boujee [boo-jee]: One who embodies an attitude of superior taste, Classy, Confident, Saucy, Boss, Rare, and Always Glamorous!

Philanthropic Fashion:

BarkNBoujee® uses luxury for good. Our commitments to a range of causes are deeply personal. In addition to monetary contributions, we’re also pioneering fresh, creative approaches to raise awareness and much-needed funds for animals in need. Philanthropy and commerce are a powerful combination it’s addressing and dressing at the same time through our timeless elegance, superior sartorial workmanship and creativity.


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